HostZilla Review

Hello everyone, Lewis here, and welcome to my HostZilla Review!

I created this review blog, hostzilla review .com,  to focus on a web hosting service I’d recently discovered. Of course there are many web hosting services out there to choose from, but HostZilla seems to cover all of the critical web hosting needs and then goes to the next level in many ways.

HostZilla also got my attention by offering something I rarely see advertised as a primary market: Traffic Hosting

HostZilla Review – Traffic Hosting

Yes, they promote traffic hosting. This is especially attractive to marketers and other site owners who know they can and will generate large amounts of traffic but don’t want to have service problems with their web hosting company when traffic comes streaming in!

This piqued my interest and I felt compelled to create this HostZilla Review for those of you who may be shopping around for your next web site hosting company.




You can check out the HostZilla site by clicking the image above (not an affiliate link), or just hang out here to hear more of what I think as I discover more about their services. Stay tuned for more updates which I’ll post as I dig deep and learn more about HostZilla Web Hosting.

There seem to be endless choices for us to build our websites. With all of the information overload, the “waters” sometimes tend to get a little “muddy”. I want to sift through the information and do my best to clarify issues as they are related to website hosting.

I hope that you will find my review of HostZilla useful and also hope it helps you in your search for a top-notch web hosting service!


HostZilla Review Videos

Here’s a HostZilla intro video I’ve found on YouTube. I’ll gather more to include in my HostZilla Review as time permits.

HostZilla Review- Traffic Hosting